RICKSPLUND is an improvising duo consisting of Steven Ricks (trombone, electronics) and Christian Asplund (viola, piano/keyboards, electronics). The most recent manifestations of our duo work involve one of us improvising on our particular acoustic instrument (trombone or viola, respectively), while the other improvises adding effects, samples, and loops created from the live instrument’s sound. In some cases prerecorded/composed audio elements are incorporated. In other cases, both of us set the acoustic instruments aside and improvise together using our respective electronic setups. 

RICKSPLUND performing Hicks Remix, with loops/clips/inspiration culled from our mentor and colleague Michael Hicks. Madsen Recital Hall, October 25, 2018.

RICKSPLUND with guest artist Vinny Golia in the Madsen Recital Hall, March 21, 2018.


RICKSPLUND with percussionist Ron Coulter at Casper College in Wyoming, May 3, 2017.


Performance at Salty Cricket Composers Collective "Just Duets" concert, Thursday, November 17, 2016. Urban Arts Gallery in SLC. Filmed by Eric Ringger.


RICKSPLUND at ISIM 2016, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. May 15, 2016.

"Panic at the Laurier..."


Here's one of our early/original performances with the amplified-viola-with-loops-effects setup, frequently called "VvioLla."


And several more, at various venues, from over the past several years...